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Open Water Diver (OWD)

The open water diver (owd) is the entrance door to the world of diving. It is the first course to certify you as an independent diver. After obtaining the certification you will be able to dive in the thousands of diving centers all over the world.

With this certification it won´t be necessary a guide or instructor to dive with. It allows you to rent the diving equipment and dive on your own.

Divided in theory and practical classes, you will acquire the knowledge and abilities you need to become a certified diver in a safe way.


It’s the next step in the diving adventure. With this certification you will be able to perform deep dives down to 30 meters. This course consists in 5 dives with its corresponding theory.

Two of these dives are mandatory: deep dive, where you will learn the risks and special considerations before going deeper than 18 meters. And Navigation, where you will learn to guide during your dives. Taking as a reference environmental characteristics and the use of an underwater compass.

The other 3 dives in the same course can be chosen from the wide variety of specialties we offer.

After obtaining the advanced adventure diver certification you will be able to dive in marine national parks who have restricted diving to beginners, due to the fragility of the environment and the impact of a big number of beginner divers.

Type Duration Price
Snorkel 2hrs approx. 25€
Diving Baptism 1 immersion 80€
Diving Baptism 2 immersions 85€
PADI Diving Licenses:
Open Water 5 immersions 350€
Advanced 5 immersions 280€
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